I am a Personal Tour Guide, offering my services to you to: “Spirit”  you around my beautiful country of Barbados. 

Not only will you have the opportunity to see the beautiful panorama of our “Island in the Sun” but you will be able to actively participate in our culture and experience what is like to be a real  “BAJAN”  (that’s what people from Barbados are known as)  for the duration of your stay.

I can take you places where you will interact with real “down-to-earth” locals like myself.   I am adventurous and free-spirited.  I love meeting and helping  people  from all cultures  and “walks of life”.  I am very friendly with a great disposition and trust-worthy.  I always say “If you can’t trust me, then who can you trust?”

An “average local “ who has a great passion for travelling. I dislike playing the “tourist role” in any country I travel to. I like to mingle and blend in with the culture which predisposes me to be the Ideal Tour Guide for you.

Detailed planning is one of my greatest areas of expertise and am always being designated as the “go-to-person “ for creating real fun and amazing experiences. I will handle all the details of your tours with the utmost professionalism.







“Live like a Bajan for a day”